(MICHAUD) Bare Conductor Network Connector
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This connector is used to connect a low voltage A.B.C. (Aerial Bundled Conductors) network to another low voltage aluminium alloy or copper bare conductors network. The section of the bare conductors is from 7 to 240mm² depending on the model. The section of the insulated cables is from 25 to 150mm² depending on the model.
Connector end cap:
  • The connector end cap is flexible so that to feel good tap conductor insertion simply by hand.
  • It is carrying membranes instead of grease, granting watertightness around tap conductor end on long terms basis.
  • It is glued on connector body so that to avoid eventual loss during handling, installation and environment (wind, wild life...).
  • It can be equipped with a hard end cap, gripping and covering so, in case rigid cover is required.
Connector general features:
  • The tightening screws are potential free.
  • Tightening efficiency is ensured by a shear head screw.
  • Connection on the tap conductors is established using insulation piercing technology.
  • This connector meets the criteria of NF C 33-020 and EN 50-483.

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