Tekno Bumi wishes all its clients and supplier a prosperous new year. Although it has been over a year since the Global Pandemic situation hits every continents of the world, we must remain positive and continue providing the best services possible. This includes a bigger business goals and wider product ranges. 

The Covid 19 Situation has really put setbacks on many companies, causing some businesses to close down permanently and many unemployement. But for businesses that remain unaffected financially, we are in luck and must always count our blessings. Here at Tekno Bumi, Our office is open daily and falls under essential services classified by the government. We practice social distancing, hygiene control and safety guidelines as per recommended by government while running our operation.

Tekno Bumi wishes our customers and suppliers thath are still operating their businesses a great health and best of luck for this new year. 

Published : 4-Feb-2021

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